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A Job In Nursery?


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I'm looking for a new job and one has come up in a Nursery class. I really want to get back into the FS although my small amount of teaching experience has all been Reception.

Do you lot have some great ideas for things I should think about and talk about if I was lucky enough to get an interview. I've spent a little amount of time in my current's schools nursery- just the odd afternoon and odd half an hour, not been able to do any more than that.

I'm really interested in it, and I know you lot are great for helping!

Thanks in Advance





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Hi Nichola,

Go for it and Good Luck.

You know and understand and can implement the principles of good early years practice so why should you not be qualified for this position? It is important to know what the children are moving on to, so your experience in reception and year 1 should stand you in good stead, not count against you. Remember to stress that in your letter of application!

Give it a whirl, what have you got to lose?


Hope things have settled down a bit in this new half term, but at any rate its only 4 weeks til Easter.

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hi there Nichola, Im sure we all apply for jobs that we have no experience in at times otherwise how would we ever move on?

If you want it, go and look at the nursery and then decide. Look at the person spec and see if they are looking for an experienced nursery teacher. The size of the nursery wil also matter. manging a large team may not be what you want at the moment.

Then get your application sorted, be honest about your experience but also what you would bring to the nursery. take as many opportunites as you can to visit your schools' nursery or others if you are able to.


If you dont try, you'll never know will you?

Id go for it, there are lots of people who who will help you with letters and things, and interviews when the time comes.

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Go for it. I had been in reception for ever and then moved to nursery: no difference! Same curriculum, same issues(boys writing etc etc) same principles, same pedagogy. In fact it was more fun cos we hada fab outside area which my reeption didn't so I hada n even better time teaching as I wanted to.


Have a go, if you don't get it get specific feedback and then you know what to do to get the next one you apply for. If you're not short listed get feedback on what was missing from the application. Good luck :D

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Yes, you go for it Miss Beech!! (Letting you have your money's worth of the name, while it's still yours :o:D )


Very best of luck! Keep us informed


Sue :D

Hehe, thanks! On the name point I have quite a few personalised stickers and stampers, so I'm on a bit of a mad spree using them all up while I still have that name! I'll soon be Mrs Mott! (very teacher name I've been told!)


Thanks for your help and advice guys. I am going to go for it, if not only for experience. The job is about 5 minutes from Joe's current house which is 30 miles from me, but if I can get it and its permanant then we could consider moving up Wigan way as I want to get out of my house soon!

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I have just got a job in a nursery . I start after Easter having spent the last 11 years in a Special school.


You can read about what the interview was like at the end og Helen's article.


Basically, if you are the right person for the job you'll get it. I think that my love and enthusiasm for young childen, being a mum and truly blieving in the philosophy that this nursery practices helped.


Go for it! It's all valuable experience.



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