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I'm having a headache and lost a few hours sleep over it last night. I'm a reception/nursery teacher in a foundation unit, and have two nursery nurses full time. My NN'S go home as the last nursery child leaves the setting (3:30pm) We are running the three hour session


008:45 - 11:45

12:30 - 15:30


How do you and the rest of your staff come together to talk about observations, next steps etc. There is no time during the dfay at all, and in true EYFS style it does say that all adults working in setting should discuss planning obs etc.


Would love to hear where you fit it in




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We talk as we go! We talk as we set up in the morning, We record on a sheet for planning next week. Basically we don't have time to sit down and talk about it planning meeting style, we have to do it on the run - not ideal! However, we are pre-school.

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Guest LornaW
I'm a teaching assistant and in order to plan as a team I stay behind for an hour once a week. Unpaid and my choice. :o



Very noble of you sienna and many many reception TAs do the same but really schools need to think carefully about this and fund it appropriately especially as their budgets are so much healthier than those in settings.


When I was in school all nursery nurses and reception TAs were full time and there hours were from 8.30 - 4.00 before we had to do the 15 hours I admit but we really do need to lobby the government to put the money into this!!


Rant over!!!



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