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Use Of An Outside Company To Organise Policies, Recruitment Etc


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We have had a company visit our setting offering a service that provides us with up to date policies, takes you through step by step recruitment and general paper work: apprasails, holidays, etc.


Does anyone use a company like this? My collagues think it is a good idea but I have my concerns.


The company uses ict program to track management issues.


Would love to hear your views!

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I would have thought all that kind of stuff was unique to your setting, so they'd have to work closely with you, in which case, you might as well do it yourself.

The recruitment thing is pretty straight forward if you've done it before. If you're part of the PLA you can get theior pack that covers all aspects of employment.

How much are they charging?

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Actually I can see the attraction of buying software that you can adapt but it probably would need so much adapting that it wouldn't be worth it.


I probably spend more than £50 a month worth of my time on recruitment and policy paperwork though!

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I have seen this type of thing in operation and don't consider it very helpful. It's generic and takes no account of the fluidity of the day to day in early years.

It doesn't consider all the particular needs of different early years settings, just changing names on policies to make them suit.


Or am I just a Bah Humbug?

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