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I thought I had an easy job on my hands...! Next week I'm having my first class assembly on the topic of People Who Help Us At Home. Really wanted a funny rhyming poem about families that my reception class could learn... but I can't seem to find anything anywhere!!

Anyone got any good ones up their sleeve??


Thanks in advance! :o

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I don't know very many poems but for some reason I'm thinking Spike Milligan might have done one, or Michael Rosen or Roger McGough. Might be worth a quick google... hope you share when you find one!



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Haven't been able to find anything about "family", but have individuals in the family.


One, two, three, Mother caught a flea,

Put in a teapot and made a pot of tea.

The flea jumped out,

Mother gave a shout.

In came Pa with his shirt hanging out





Granny in the kitchen,

Doing a bit of stitching;

In came a bogy man

And chased Granny out!

'Oh' said Granny,

'That's not fair.'

'Oh' said the bogy man

'I don't care'.


the Granny one definitely sounds like a skipping game to me. Unfortunately, I would say all of the others in This Little Puffin are a little stereotypical, i.e. I went to the kitchen and helped mummy cook, or to the garden and helped daddy mow the grass etc.

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We used to sing this one at nursery a long time ago.........


How many people live in your house?

How many people live in your house?

One my father, two my mother,

Three my sister, four my brother,

There's one more, now let me see......

Oh yes of course it must be me! :o

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