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We have decided to do the topic Superheroes this term. Thought it would be great for our high ratio of robust boys!!!!!!

I am writing up our weekly plan and have come to a standstill. I have spiderman masks down for creativity and this should cover some role-play too but I am finding it really hard to come up with other ideas for creativity, kuow, mark making. Any help will be greatful


Thanks in advance! :o xx

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What do the children want to do?

Our current children seem to enjoy role-play and construction more than anything. Our high number of boys are really into hero play & dinos (done dinos recently). We do our best to accomodate their needs and interests and provide them with plenty of accessable resources but it always seems to end up with them playing together (with is great, right?) but makes it hard for us to think of ideas. Doing Lazy Town healthy eating and breakfasts one morning but desperately trying to fill in the gaps!!!!


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