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We did some space activities a while ago as part of a book theme: Whatever Next? was our book of the week.


One of our staff was doing her IPP at the time. She painted a space scape on a large sheet of card, with the top part of a planet at the bottom on the card, and a few planets in the sky.


Then she provided lots of fruit and veg, and encouraged the children to think about what alients or 'men from mars' might look like. Then they were able to use the various sized fruit and veg to make aliens and sit them on top of the planet or flying through the air.


Initially I think it was such a strange idea that the children were a little puzzled (as you might be reading this: I'm all thought out today), but once they got going they had a whale of a time making wild and outragious aliens with ten eyes made of grapes etc.


Then when the child had finished, all the veg were put back in the basket for the next creation...



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Hi, Gemini (tracked you down) thanks for the email. I would certainly go with Jill Murphy's book - 'Whatever Next'?

You could do moonscapes in the sand. Structured play rocket/space ships. Listen to space music, like holst planets. Moon walk dancing. papermache planets. Space cafe with weird stuff on the menu like moonburgers, looking after an alien. (I once downloaded a tamogochi type pet thing of the internet that you had to click to feed etc.) I cant remember where I got it from and it was with older children but they loved it.

I dont know if you have it but belairs Early years series - 'Stories' have some lovely ideas and photographs around this book. Good Luck. I will give it some thought for you I think Space is a lovely topic although I have only done it with year 2's and year 5's in the past. I'll email you if I find any interesting links.

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For our Space topic we used the books - Q Pootle 5 - he was going to a birthday party, the last page has lots of moon style party food that we used as a starting point for imaginative recipes. The children came up with moon muffins, green cheese and crackers, flying saucer pizza and space critter jelly.

Other books we read were "Here come the aliens" and "Laura's star"


We made "Star Telescopes" using kitchen roll, which we covered with foil and sticky stars. We covered one end of the roll with some black sugar paper and pin pricked a constellation, or a star shape into the paper. When the children looked through it they could see their star or constellation in the night sky.

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We also did "Whatever Next", good KUS experiment to go with this is, fill an old film case half with water and half a vitamin C tablet, lid on, upside down on the floor, stand back and watch - instant rocket! I have already posted this idea, so sorry to readers who think I am repeating myself, but it is well worth a go.

Have fun, as I am sure the children will.


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