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Hi Mundia,

I know I'm supposed to be doing one!! Haven't quite got round to it yet, the book I recieved was very wordy, so taking me rather a long time to digest. I'm also one of these people that reads in bed - 1 paragraph at a time- usually the one I read the night before!!

Hopefully get round to it soon!!

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There was a time on this site you could miss a day and still know what's happening, now sometimes an hours absence is all that's required - great isn't it all these brilliant minds and my slow one :DxD:o


I am so glad this forum is growing and developing all the time. Must ask Steve if with all his technical wizardry he can create a time machine so I have more time in a day to keep up with you all. :D:(:D:(


Failing that, for all you 'Desperate Housewives' fans, I could start taking ADH medication :( :wacko: xD :rolleyes:


Sue x

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I know what you mean Sue! Sometimes I just have a spare 5 minutes and find there are about a 100 new posts! :o Keeping track some days has become a full time job. Wonder if Steve will pay me......... xD


Some time ago Helen asked if there was anyone who would like to become a book reviewer for the site. I think books were sent out to various volunteers and............well, that's about it really!! :(

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Carol has it right Sue. We sent out a dozen or so books that we'd been given to review, and we're still waiting for most of them (ahem...).


Although, I've had one back, which I've yet to post, so I'm not entirely blameless (and if you listen to some people I'm nowhere even close to blameless!).


They'll be coming in soon, hopefully, mundia. Be patient :)

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