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Sometimes I tell them I'm going to be observing them 'at some point this week' and other times I make little post it obs in the same way we do with children. I feed these back more or less straight away and keep them for their review. They go into their file and they can see them when they want

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I do peer obs, along the same lines as we do well being and involvement on our children, i to feed back asap.


I have done peer obs training but found the form to time consuming so looked at another way

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The last time I was observed by my manager was a couple of years ago and like Cait she told me it would be "sometime this week". I had no idea she had completed it until she told me. She looked at things like how I interacted with children, how I spoke to them and how I promoted behaviour management. It was all very positive and I was happy that she saw my practice as I believe it to be. Funnily enough we haven't had any since!! :o

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