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Me Again


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Okey dokey,


Here I am again in a muddle ...


As part of my research into what Ofsted have been up to since their invention in 1992 ...

Would you say that since the new EYFS framework Ofsted are focusing on Safeguarding more than anything else? Have looked through Helen's articles and there isn't a clear pattern although that's not what I've heard anecdotally.


If you've been inspected under the new framework...


Would you say Safeguarding is the biggie?


Can you get Outstanding if you don't get Outstanding for Safeguarding?


What are your experiences?


Any responses would be gratefully recieved


Thankyou muchly


pw xxx

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It was certainly a very big part of our Ofsted last term. She went back to it several times whilst she was with us, and even 'tested' the staff on aspects of the policy to make sure that they were au fait with it!

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Ours obviously covered it, but certainly didn't 'focus' on it in a big way, so that went against what I had heard as I was expecting much more questioning and looking into things regarding safeguarding.



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Safeguarding was huge in our inspection this week. Blatantly 'top of the list' every single member of staff was questioned on some aspect of safeguarding and I don't mean simple straightforward questions either. The inspector had read our SEF and it was the only area we had graded ourselves 'outstanding' so I wonder whether that was the reason for such a heavy focus during the inspection - kind of really testing our own evaluation but who knows the reasoning behind which elements of inspection seem to be 'favourites'

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