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I'm posting in this area because the child I have an interest about is under 3, please feel free to post in other areas if you feel that would help me to help them!


The said child is a male, 3 at the end of March.


So he has been in another full day care nursery (3 full days - don't know hours but did include sleep time x 2) from the age of 17 months, so well used to being away from parents, and came to us at the beginning of the year.


We are sessional day care 4 mornings a week (so 4 * 3 hrs).This isn't a problem he settles well, and although he is still getting used to our new setting he doesn't seem worried, although he does seem to get tired.


However he just cruises from place to place, picks toys, items up and then drops them, or even throws them, he doesn't acknowledge his name or anything that is said to him. He pushes other children, sometimes completely over and not always children of his age, snatches toys away, sweeps them off the table. He is not able to sit for a story within a group or one to one. Everything is very physical.


He loves water, but is more keen on running water ie from taps and fast, than from water in a tray.


He loves wild animals, cuddly, plastic and stencils, but much prefers to wash them. Won't do anything else except name them


Although we don't have the staff to allow him one to one he seems to need it, what with his pushing, snatching, flooding the toilet area to wash the toys.


We have never had a child like this of his age, he seems so young compared to the others who joined us in January, some of whom are younger.


Any advice on how I can help him or support him?



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I assume you have had no record of transfer from the previous nursery to guide you here. Have parents not shared any concerns with you? If his behaviour is so different from the children of a similar age in your setting, I would make some detailed observations about what is happening and call in my area SENco for an informal chat. Then I would approach the parents.


It could be that the routine in previous nursery was a lot looser he would have been in a toddler room where may be they were allowed to cruise! Tiredness may be due to different routine, but may be parents keep him up later in the evening if they feel they have missed out on him during the day., we have had that in the past. Both parents worked and kept their little one up late into the evening so they could spend time with him and were unconcerned when we said he was falling asleep in pre-school.


Your instincts are obviously telling you something is not quite right - if it were me I would be gathering evidence.

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I think the majority of folks on here have a welath of experience behind them and when you or they get that niggly feeling that something is not quite right it is usually the case.


I would be after the previous placements records to see if this is just a period of adjustment in a new setting or if in fact it is something more which they too have seen evidence of.


As Panders said, gather "evidence" and talk to your local SENCO or area SENCO.


We are in a similar situation in the nursery where I work, although our child has been seen by the paediatrician and there is a definite problem. HOWEVER we are being told there is no money left in the pot to support this chap one to one and basically we have to get on with it.


I have put my concerns re his safety and that of the other children in a maintained nursery with 21 children (besides him) and 2 staff, in writing.


Good luck! X

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Thanks for the advice, yes I have seen everything the other nursery produced, via his mum, nothing from them directly.


There was nothing obvious from that, no cause for concern, but he doesn't seem to have moved on from when he started there at 17 months.


Have started doing small obs will try tracking today to see where he goes and how long he stays for (and will buy a better mop :o )



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