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Dear all,


I have a child who is 4 years old and will stay with our nursery until he is 5 (September 2010). He is advance for this age in all areas but lacks in PSE.


I am trying to put together a list of new, exiciting and challenging activities so he doesn't get bored during the day (he is with us for a total of 36 hours over 4 days).


Any suggestions......

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In what area of PSE is he particularly challenged ? this would help us all to offer some advice on activities.


Does he not share well with other children? If so, you might think about games where he needs to share first with one child and gradually introduce a group of children. Lots of my turn, your turn, type of games, Pop up Pirate is quite good for that kind of task as it's quick and easy to play, doesn't involve counting which some children can get wrestless waiting while another child has their turn.


Sometimes I do "timed" activities, even if they are good with numbers, I have cars in a box of shredded paper, the cars are numbered 0-10, and I have a large sheet of paper marked 0-10, the children then have to find a car in the box, find the correct number to match it with on the paper - all this and they are timed, giving them a personal challenge to beat.


We made a duck fishing game, we made large ducks on card which the children decorated, we then put in a split pin for the eye, and we have a magnet on the end of a piece of string tied to a stick. On the reverse of the duck, the adults and children made up some questions, such as, how many Tweenies are there, or what number is on Thomas the Tank Engine etc. As the children catch a duck, the adult reads out the question for them to answer.


Maybe if he is really talented in the other areas you could use some of the the Letters and Sounds Phase 1 games or Maths games to

s t r e t c h him!

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Thank you very much for your reply.


PSE he does't mix very well with the other children, he has 1 close friend whom he tends to follow around all day and copy what he does. His general behaviour and turn taking skills are fine.


I want a list of activities for the room leader/key-person. Got general board games, measuing, weighing, simple maths, memory games etc but was trying to find something new and exiciting!

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New and exciting - I think we all strive to find those! We had a little boy last year very similar, following around a best friend, doing what the friend wanted, but his friend moved on to play with other boys who seemed more exciting and interacted better in role play.


The only time the little boy looked truly happy, or even animated was at the snack table - when he was happy to join in any tom foolery going on!


You can imagine we used to ask mum what he was interested in etc., she only really ever said trains, cars etc.


Now he has moved on to primary school but we have his little sister with us (totally different character!) anyway, we have been doing a lot of birdwatching in the past 2 weeks, and mum said Oh! my husband loves birdwatching and ............. knows all the names of the birds! We were so gobsmacked, couldn't believe she hadn't told us this when he was with us. Suppose what I'm being long winded in saying is just make sure you know as much as you can about his interests - that is probably where the exciting is waiting for him and you.

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