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Hi all,


I'm planning to start and introduce some musical movement into my setting, can any of you suggest a good CD


Ideally i want to differentaite but offer for both sets of children,


The morning sessions are 2-3 years old


the aftenoons 3-4 years old


I would like to include some instruments/phonics different sounds etc for the older children but also movement.. not just sitting on the carpet..


but will need to be stimulating for the younger children..


I've seen a couple of Cd's but not sure if they will be any good have any of you heard of them?


Jo jingles - jo keeps fit, sing along CD




Brightsparks CD and booklet website ive found, offers chance to listen to a couple of tracks from this cd and theres a cool song about fireworks and the sounds they make e.g whoosh of rocket....


it also has songs from other countries ghana and somewhere else can remember...


any thoughts would be great and also if you think im thinking on to grand a scale :o


does anyone know of a good classical music cd which may also be sutiable for dance/movement

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We use Sticky Kids too...its great and there are lots of different CD's to choose from.

We also use books with CD's for music and movement. A current favourite is Animal Boogie. You can decide how you want to use it and adapt it to suit your group of children.

I'll be back if I think of any more!


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I've got 3 thumperrabbit from Stickykids. One is called Warm up I think, I have in the past recorded my own tapes from their cds because we found the cds were too long, the children didn't lose interest as much as became worn out!!! These days I burn cds. So we made up some 5 min tapes, with a warm up and rousing song off the cd, then marching, galloping, etc. then finished with wind the bobbin up, they love this little 5 minute slot very much and we have done it for many years as I say.


I use some of their ABC cd, think its called Alphabet Xpress, but not all of it. quite often the children like the alphabet song on it and then we use cards with letters of alphabet on and the children have to say the sound and then think up a movement to go with that sound


We too have used Animal Boogie which is great, We use the Creepy Crawly one too which is instruments and counting, and the Mulberry Bush one, lovely music on all 3 the children like them.


We have a number of "party hit" type cds for children too, they used to love dancing and doing actions to Superman, YMCA etc., current cohort a little young at the moment, but by the Summer term they will be partying hard!

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