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I have read so much about builders trays and now that i have saved money to buy some, i can't find any :o


Can anyone help?


Where can i buy these?

What do they look like?

How much do they cost?

What do builders use them for?


:D:D:D Many Thanks :D:D:D

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Hi Lucy,

Builders' trays /Tuff Spots are almost circular (but slightly shaped!), about 1m in diameter, are rigid and black, with a little wall (about 5cms high) all around the edge. Builders' use them for mixing cement in. We have two and use them a lot for messy play (shaving foam, finger paint, rice and glitter, etc) and also for small world play, where we plant little plants in soil and add animals. We've also set up a polar region with a huge block of ice, fake snow (the foam stuff that comes in large packages) and added polar bears, etc. There is a good book that we bought called "50 exciting ways to use a Tuff Spot" (or something very close to that title) available from Lawrence Educational Publications (phone: 01922 643833)

We got ours from a company called TTS. £13.95. The book is available from them, too, and loads of other resources to use in the tray.

www.TTS-shopping.com or 0800 318686.

Have fun!

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These are large plastic trays (about 1m across, maybe a bit more) and can be found in some DIY places like B and Q. having said that mine doesnt stock them. We got ours from TTS but the link escapes me Im afraid. they are about £12 each. TTS also do plastic inlays of different scenes but they are quite expensive at £20 each.


I have to say we use ours outside as space inside is very limited and they are quite big. For something smaller, garden centres will have a whole range of different sized trays like that, that are much cheaper and we use those inside.


There is a super book called '50 things to do with a builder's tray' but Im not sure where we got it from.

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Hi Lucy

I got ours from B&Q, one of the big stores. It was about the same as the others seem to have paid for theirs. It was in the section where they keep all the cement etc.


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Thanks Helen and Mundia


Its great find out about new books. We've got a tuff spot but don't have it out the time because we run out of ideas, this book might be just what we're looking for.



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