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Levels Of Involvement And Well-being


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I'm just trying to set up a planning and observation system fro the children that I nanny for. Now I have found some sheets that forms that I can use to fill in. There is a space on the forms to put a number for levels of involvement and well-being. I have found out the numbers for these and what they mean but can't find out anything about R.A.G (red, amber, green i think). Does anybody know where I can find out which numbers relate to which colour and then what I do with this information e.g. if a child was showing up red what would I do, or do I just need to be aware of it??


Sorry I hope this makes sense, it's so hard trying to find out information as a nanny and I really want the children in my care to be following the same path as other children, so they have all there records learning journey etc to go to school with.





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