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Hi, I don't think I have put this in the right forum but hopefully I will be moved if that is the case-thanks. I was on another site flicking through for planning when a post caught my eye. I have not seen it on foundation stage forum so thought I woulod advise people. It appears that the person concerned is on remand and in court today. He has admitted crimes against children- From the information on the LA websites it appears he has pleaded "guilty" and is being held in remand while awaiting sentence sometime this month.


I believe from one of the links that he is in court today

The sites are registered to Samuel King (KS1) AND Samuel Kinge (KS2) info is available on line.

The rest of the info is now also officially on line

The Y & Hgfl link (ref the above) is http://www.hgfl.org/index.cfm?s=1&m=1&...kw=&id=5261

Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on (view the item) in the blue bar for background




The information above has been taken from another website. I am shocked and sadend by this news.

What a waste of someone with talent. Unforgiveable :o

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