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Hi All

We are just starting a 3 week topic on Pets that the children chose. We have collected all the children's ideas but was hoping that you might have some fantastic ideas of your own. I have looked in the resource section and have a few ideas now about the vets.


Any other ideas will be great!!


Brownie x

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Nursery Education plus magazine Nov 2009 issue has a supplement about pets - can get to it online through Scholastic uk site. Some of the ideas included:

designing a home for a pet from recycled materials

looking at animals who do a specific job - police / sheepdog / mountain rescue

pets from around the world

making a 'fish' mobile

making clay pets

writing a booklet about how to look after a pet of their choice

a pet show in school! - can do with photos if not brave enough!

create a pet shop using stuffed toys and or pictures.

create an abc/number book of pets and the things they need to eat / play with


hope that has given you some new ideas



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We started to look at cats last year and I assumed we were going to look at dogs next - but the children had other ideas and we segued into big cats - which was huge fun, then to sharks! (sharp teeth you see) we never did finish the pets!

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There are nice stories, such as Dear Zoo.

You've prob already got this, but we had someone from the Dog's Trust in to talk to the chn about being safe around animals etc.

It was nice!

There is alse always cotton wool on pre-cut bunny shapes.......?? ;-)

I will post some more ideas if I think of any.


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Thank you all!!! What great ideas. I have been snowed in again today so I've got ahead with my Letters and Sounds planning. Tomorrow I will be able to add your ideas. Just thinking....why didn't I think of that!!



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