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How Long Between Inspections?


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For PVI settings, if you are on a school site, did your most recent (post EYFS) inspection co-incide with the main school inspection? Or was it just 3 years after the previous one? Or more, or less?


thanks very much,



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We run an out of school club and had an inspection in August 2007. We were told by our development officer that only settings on school sites that come under the school's governance would be inspected at the same time as the school. Last January the school where we are based (but run under a separate managment committee) was given notice on the Thursday evening that their inspection would take place on the following Tuesday, giving them two clear 'working' days to prepare. Obviously because of the weekend they worked liked mad for four days and nights to prepare.


Well we took no notice as we wern't expecting Mrs O until summer 2010. However, the evening before the school's inspection Mrs O came knocking on our door and the world fell out of my bottom :o When I queried why we were being inspected so soon she said that all settings on schools sites, regardless of who run them, would have a simultaneous inspection but separate reports.


I'm pleased to report that dispite the difference in our preparation the school got satisfactory and we got a good (phew).


So I'd say if you're on a school site keep an ear out for when their inspection falls because you will more than likely get the knock too!

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We are a Committee run pre-school who rent a room from the primary school and are in partnership with the foundation class.


We are completely independent from the school and not under their management....


and we were inspected in July 2008 and again in September 2008 (how unfair is that! n xD ) when the school were inspected. Only good thing was that the school told us they had 'had the call from O' so we actually got some notice!


Sorry. :(:o

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We are on a school site and had first part of inspection on Tuesday (Ofsted lady couldn't get back Wednesday), I asked this very question and was told that there is every chance we will be inspected in line with the school!! And to top it all she said they don't always send in an Early Years Inspector!! She agreed with me that this was a little unfair as School Inspectors wont have EYFS knowledge, however I've since been told that if there is not an Early Years Inspector available we can refuse to be inspected!! Will have to investigate this a little further as this last part didn't come from Ofsted themselves!!



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Guest colechin

We are a PVI and rent a portacabin from the school, which is on the school site.


We were inspected the week before we broke up for Christmas along with the school.


The inspector informed me that we will now be inspected along with the school each time, which works out every three years. Although she did inform me that if a school receive 'Outstanding' then the school will not be inspected for 5 years but she wasnt quite sure if that meant we would also be 5 years (as we received 'outstanding').

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