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On our reports this term we have been asked to write a target. This is the first time we have had to do this. Some of my targats were,

To further develop his self confidence,

To concentrate for longer and develop his listening skills,

To further develop his awareness of others in group discussion and listen with more care etc. The deputy is not happy with them and said they should be for the child and in appropriate language for the child. Does anyone have any child friendly targets i could have a look at to get her off my back. /l

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We have just been given a programme called 'target tracker' which monitors children's progress through the fs profile and develops targets from those. It also has a report writing facility - which is good as a basis for a report, which includes targets.


The way it works is by looking at children's current stages on the profile and creating 'working towards' type statement for each area of learning.

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We were asked to do targets for writing, reading and numeracy on three levels. I must ...., I should .... I might ......


Mine have been writing - must be able to write the first letter of my name, should be able to write my first name, might be able to write my name with all letters correctly formed.


Reading - must be able to recognise some letters by shape and sound, should be able to recognise over half the letters of the alphabet by their shape and sound, might be able to say the sounds that words begin with and begin to sound simple words like c-a-t, d-o-g, p-i-g.


Numberacy - I must be able to count 5 objects accurately, should be able to count 10 objects accurately, might be able to count up to 20 objects accurately.


At least having something concrete means that I can say at the end of the half term a definate 'yes' they can do this (or no they can't)


Hope that helps ... I'm sure there are lots of different ways of doing this. It's quite hard to get your head round things - and I've got to assess my class this week and set new targets!


Good luck. Harricroft.

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Hi there


That child friendly spiel drives me mad. I dont know about you but if my class could read the targets I need to set them they wouldnt need them in the first place!


You didnt say what you DH dodnt like, was it that they werent specific enough? Or not necessarily achievable or measurable in one term?


We have to give parents 1 target for CLL and MD each half term (no matter how short it is). They are always very specific and achievable for each child.


Examples include

To dress and undress independently

To take part in small group/ large group/ whole class discussions

To have kind hands when resolving conflicts

To take part in tidy away sessions etc

To recognise and do the actions for the sounds........

To anme the initial soyund in a given word

To write the sound in a given/ thought word

To read cvc words etc.

To count with 1-1 correspondance up to 5 objects

To to say count from 0-10

To recognise the numerals 0-10

etc etc

I have no particular order for these but take cues from the ELGs and just give them to the children as they are appropriate. I often think up new ones and change the wording etc


Sounds like another paper exercise so my advice would be to just make them managable for you so that in the future you arent held accountable if you have to record that they havent achieved them.


Hope that helps a bit

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