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We have just finished a Treasure Hunt. 34 children rasied over £400. We put a notice up with a picture of the equipment we wanted to buy and the approximate cost and raised £150 more than we needed so we picked the next item off our wish list.

Shame it's so near the end of term though.

Our took 3 weeks to complete.

The children collected most of the items at home, we used a christmas theme but my other setting have used an easter theme before.

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how did it work sounds good for easter.




We have a grid of 20 objects. The easter one had things like: a picture of a rabbit, a hard boiled egg, the letter"r"........


we changed the items to a christmas decoration, a picture of a fairy......


We have included stuff such as a nut and bolt (hopefully so dad gets involved). a bus ticket (hopefully so some children get to have the experience of a bus). A black and white photo (that was great many had brought in a photo of their grandparents).


You can use anything really. the list can be endless.


We ask that the children bring in the items, we sign to say we have seen the item.

It opens up all sorts of opportunities to talk with our key children. :o


If i knew how to attach items i would but computers not my fav!

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have you checked out bag2school.com?


They pay money for old clothes, shoes, bedding, curtains etc


So you could advertise it as 'new clothes for old'


We have just raised £135 and it is really easy to do - the company send you out bags to be filled (complete with date when they are going to collect - they then come round and take all the bags away, weight them and then about 6 weeks later you get a cheque....

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