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Not That Soon Surely..please Help


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Oh my god we got the call today!!! They are in on Monday!! We are not due for another 4 months

I am struggling for a literacy focus. We are looking at the rainbow fish this week we have been fishing sounds to make cvc words.

At the moment a small number of children are writing but not many at all. Next week i am going to take in a toy fish for children to adopt (we already have real ones) I was gonna do a bit about he had lost his tank or firends or something and hunt for them. Then i was thinking that the children could maybe do posters or something to help find his friend or maybe the rainbow fishes scales???

I am struggling any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated



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Sympathies going out to you. Will think further, but initial thoughts - Could your 'writers' possibly make a little book - a red fish, a big fish, a fat fish - mine have just finished Phase 2 so would need to be given the spelling for fish. You could provide a booklet with the pictures in and ask them to say what they see and add the caption, or if you wanted to focus on reading, give the caption and ask them to draw an appropriate picture. Have you looked on the Hamilton Trust website - they used to have some planning for The Rainbow Fish - probably not suitable as it is (pre EYFS) but it might give you some ideas for activities.


Good luck - I hope it goes well.

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NO due about it obviously but good luck.


Do what you would normally do and dont expect anything else from your children or they will not cope and that would be even worse.


We too are expecting that phone call this school year, so now how you feel.

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