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Ofsted...just Wondering...


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We are due an OFsted after Xmas i was just wondering if, in general, when people were ofsteded was there anything that they really liked or anything that they really hated?


Your comments would really be appreciated




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I have found from experience that it depends entirely on the inspector; there does not seem to be any consistency, they all have their own little foibles!


Though I do believe that they are hot on Safeguarding at the moment!


Good luck!

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Weve just had ours

Very hot on staffs knowledge EYFS planning ect

Safeguarding and paperwork

Also very interested in future plans for setting and staff training

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Their focus will depend on their pre inspection work/discussions with HT etc and your SEF.

From that they have a line of inquiry - hence different foci for different settings.

However more time now spent in class and many of ours have been criticised for lack of outdoor cover!


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