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We have decided to buy one of these. As we are in a church hall and using running water is difficult, I think it will make our life so much easier and of course must be better then a washing up bowl/baby wipes or hand gel for the children. Does any one have any thoughts or comments on them, has anyone used them? did a forum search but didn't trun up much


I have searched and googled for hours and can only come up with one company selling these, so does anyone know of a supplier (preferebly in UK!! Lots coming up in US)


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there are lots of previous posts.. just working out the key words is a good quiz as they often come under something totally unexpected.


Now I know Maz posted recently with a picture of one but cannot find that one.. here are a couple of ohters though.. turned out the word portable was the one which gave me more choices..


Portable sinks


Handwashing sharing a bowl



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We are in a village hall and we purchased one from SBS £126.44 including the vat and delivery really quick to arrive GREAT

Some have said its no good but we love ours and its easy to pack away and store, we are looking to have another one so we have a sink for food/snacks and one for craft activities.

I our experience a good buy :o

If I have any probs woih it I will get SBS to sort it out as they have done with other things in the past Good Company


Big Sue

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