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I wondered if anyone who works in a school that has GRT children would help me with my inclusion assignment. I am focussing it on the inclusion of GRT children and would like to ask what resources and activities nursery and reception provide to include the children of travelling families. I know one school has a trailer as well as a dolls house. Stories such as the four little pigs.


If anyone has any other it would be helpful please. thank you


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I don't work in school or have any direct experience but if have you seen the publication from DCSF on GRT children and inclusion? I'm sorry I don't have the title to hand but let me know if you would like it and I can check tomorrow. I think it had case studies which might mention resources they have used. Also these websites have some useful information




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Avon travellers consortium


also another site with information.


In our area we borrow items to use in the setting with the children , we often borrowed the items to use in our work with the children , they included books, jigsaws, games and the caravans and large horse etc



and they gave us some books for the children, and a big book, but think you have to buy them now.


The Consortium ere very helpful when we contacted them , and came to the setting to see us and also gave us some pictures we could put up or use with the children...



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