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Sef Is Anyone Else Struggling


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Hi been trying to complete sef for a few months now and I feel like I'm losing the plot. Have filled in some parts and feel like I will never finish. Now having recently gone on there seems to be so much more to fill in is this right. The leadership and management section seems to have extended into about another 5 sections and there other bits on there that weren't there before.

Is anynone else struggling as I just feel there is far to much to do and I wonder how I am ever going to finish!

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I feel for you am in exactly same position,the SEF has been bane of my life for months and just when I'm close to submitting they changed the format.I'm also struggling with the Leadership and Management parts but am plugging away.

Nothing much to offer advice wise except don't let it overwhelm you and don't look at whole thing just concentrate on one bit at a time.

Hope it helps you to know you're not the only one struggling.

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Try not to let it overwhelm you, I know how you must feel, I felt exactly the same, but I found comfort in looking at other people's SEF's on here as already meantioned and my Early Years Advisory Teacher was fantastic help, I arranged a meeting with her, just one to one and she helped me to construct answers to the newer parts that came in a few weeks ago. Maybe your advisory team could do the same for you. We also have workshops which the advisory team run, which anyone can turn up to and get some help from each other or from the team have you anything similar in your area? I would like to be able to say I asked my staff to fill out some of the SEF, but they felt ill equipped to do this as they don't see themselves in this "management" light. They can contribute ideas when prompted, but in the end it comes down to someone actually writing it or typing it up, not lots of people doing it.

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