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Does anyone on here do this?


I have an interview later this month to possibly become an EYFS profile moderator in Kent and was hoping to get a better insight into the post before my interview. Any tips would be welcome.

We had an internal LEA moderation in May 2009 and was graded 1 so feel we are doing lots right..... but of course thats only part of the job.

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I don't so this although my moderators were impressed last year and were going to put my name forward for this year if they needed anyone.


I just wanted to say good luck with your interview. I'm sure if you were graded one then you are doing many of the right things that they are impressed with. Just talk with confidence. Maybe also think of some answers to questions like what would you do if you disagreed with someones judgement? How would you justify your opinion? What would you do if they argued thier case and didn't agree with you?


Hope that all makes sense.



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I have an interview on Monday for EYFS moderator role. Looking forward to it but unsure exactly what they will ask. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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does anyone know whats involved in becoming an accreditaed moderator? :o


Yes - 2 days of exceptional scrutiny where every word you say is written down in simultaneous narrrative observations!!!

It's quite tough and very emotionally demanding!


(Did pass though!) xD



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