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Hi all


If you have a staff handbook can you let me know the format it comes in? i.e. CD, paper copy, ring binder, spiral bound document etc. I'm interested to know which works best.





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I have just issued staff handbook to all my staff - I used the PLA template - (you buy one copy and then have a link

to download the content so you can adapt it to suit your setting.) We have issued each individual a paper copy with a ring binder copy in the setting - although only have a few staff so may not work with a large workforce.

Hope this helps


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we had a paper copy, booklet style


but I often felt a ring binder where i could sent out updates and changes to be added would have been better..


cd / electronic may sound good but I feel people are less likely to look at it and will just file it!



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In the introduction 2nd paragraph it advises you 'review the sections and customise to suit your setting. The

sections are available on word document and downloadable from the Alliance website.....' and enter the password given at end of paragraph.

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