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Does anyone have any resources for making one up, i have the basic idea and know what areas i need to add but it would be handy and quicker to have printables :)

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Not sure of what you mean exactly? I have a Parents information booklet that is basically a welcone to our preschool. You are welcome to look at that if it's any help? But it's (obviously) written about our setting- so I dont really think it would be of much help

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I have a "This is our Pre-school" book for parents and children to look at. It has our routine done as a story, for the session with photos The book is kept at Pre-school though. We don't send one out to everyone, when parents and children come to visit us they can look through the book.


Sue J

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It a book of basically photos etc to add to show what we do at nursery.


Areas i have listed are:


snack time

sleep time

Creative Play

Active play

Quiet time

Outdoor play

Outings and event


and more suggestions?

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