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Hi, does anyone have or know a link to save me some time?


I've a hard core of parents with older children that had a very formal reception year with the highly thought of, previous reception teacher. I'm being seen as the teacher that just lets them play, lots of mumbles and grumbles about why aren't they doing lessons, why don't they have their own seat and table, where are the books and folders with worksheets?


I wrote a new intro pack in the summer with explanation of the 6 areas of learning, practical based learning etc. I've talked to the parents that have queried the changes with me. My head and EYFS leader are really pleased with, and support what I'm doing. However I've been asked to write to parents about how the EYFS has changed this year. I wouldn't mind but I had been teaching this way in my previous school (different county) for years.


Moan, moan, it's hard enough creating an EYFS friendly class, moan, no direct access to the outside, moan, few appropriate play based resources. Why did they wait until it was statutory!! and we're due an Ofsted. Sorry had to get that off my chest. Sigh, I think I need to go to bed!


If you can help I would be very grateful.


Thank everyone :o

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I too would appreciate some ideas to help me and my job share with one mum who says her daughter is bored and wants to write and read now.

No matter how much we explain about the EYFS, she still seems to want us to provide her daughter with a more formal education.


Its really tricky especially as the little girl is lovely but has problems mixing with her peers and selecting things to do that interest her.


I have discussed this with mum but she does not see that as a potential problem :o


Any ideas?

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you can get a dvd from dcsf all about the foundation stage, and you can order enough so there is one each and in all sorts of languaes. perhaps if they hear the play message from the government they might stop grumbling x

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