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Global Citizenship: Ideas Please!


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Hi everyone,

My school has decided to have a themed week on global citizenship after half term and I'm finding it hard to think of ideas appropriate for reception children.

Only ideas so far are to look at a child from developing country and compare their life to the childrens. Also maybe some local environment stuff like looking after our school/village: recycling/rubbish around the school/area! Apart from that a bit stuck so would appreciate any ideas!! Becky :o

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Hi there Becky.

It would be great if your school tied this up with the 'UK Week of Action for Education 7-11th March 2005' which begins with preparing for the 'send my friend to school campaign'. This needs to be a wholeschool venture in which you join forces with other schools in the area and invite in an MP or local celebrity and of course the local press, and get the childern to make as many life size cut outs of children to represent the 100 million children world wide who are not in school. I could go on, but wont, you can find out more info

global campaign for education

This will all be in preparation for global campaign for education week beginning 26th April.


Oxfam have some online resources for the FS


coolplanetfor teachers


In addition, TIDE have some good resources too. There is one called something like 'global dimension to early years' and another called young children and global citizenship'

TIDE resources



Useful books which will are just about anythng by kathryn Cave eg 'one child one seed' (now comes in big book); and Ifeoma Onyefulu, such as ‘a triangle for adora’ or ‘a book of african games’. These are great starting points fro the classrom and the childern will love them.


If you are lucky enough to have an internatinal community at your school, see if any of them are willing to come in to talk to the children about their home.

many of them may be able to tell traditional stories, or you local library may have information about story tellers from different cultures.


Go and enjoy, and do let us know how you get on!

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Thanks for your replies. I've just had a look at some of the websites and they have loads of ideas, really useful! Have printed lots of pages out to show to the rest of my school tomorrow! Will let you know how we get on (our global citizenship week will be a few weeks after half term) Becky :D

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Hi everyone,

Just thought i'd let you know that we have just had global citizenship week in our school and it was really successful. I found the cool planet and oxfam site really useful.

We read a book about a girl from India and the children were really good at talking about all the things she did that were similar to them and some things which were different. We made some Indian food (banana lassi and barfi) and flags and elephant pictures with sequins.

We also did a bit on looking after our world and recycling based around a book called 'dinosaurs and all that rubbish' and had a talk by a speaker about what they could recycle with lots of visual stuff to look. I wasn't sure 4/5 year olds would be that interested in recycling but they really suprised me and keep talking about it.

We also talked about looking after each other/pets etc. and went on a long walk around the local area. The children loved it especially cos it rained so they could spalsh in all the puddles and get really muddy walking through fields!! I think I got the muddiest though: would recommend not being the last person to cross a stile after 45 Reception/Year One children!! :o

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