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I have a student at work who is stuck on her course work and I would like to help point her in the right direction but i am not sure what they mean, can anyone help.


It says she needs give 1 example of how each (value and princible (as below) ) might be applied in a child care enviroment


Principles and values of good practice


The principels and values of good practice underpin the national occpational standerds and are firmly embedded within them. The 3 Principels are


1. The welfare of the child is paramount


2. Pracitioners contribute to children's care learning and development and this is reflected in every aspect of practice and service provision


3. Practitioners work with parents and families who are partners in care learning and development and are the child's first and most enduring educators.


The 9 values are


1. The needs rights and views of the child are at the centre of all practice and provison


2. Individuality difference and diversity are valued and celebrated


3. Equality of opprtunity and anti-discriminatory practice are actively promoted


4. Childrens health and well being are actively promoted


5. Childrens personal and physical safety id safeguarded whilst allowing for risk and challenge as appropriate to the capability of the child.


6. Self- esteem reliance and postive self image are reconised as essential to every childs development


7. Confidentiality and agreements about confidential information are respected as appropriate unless a childs protection and well being are at stake


8. Professional knowladge skills and values are shared appropriately in order to enrich the experience of children more widely


9. Best Principles requires reflection and a continuous search for improvement

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Perhaps a good way forward (and one which will avoid you actually doing the work for her) is to have a discussion with her about what she thinks each of the principles and values mean).


She might also take a highlighter pen and identify the key words of each principle/value and look them up in her textbook if she really draws a blank. That would help her to prepare for your discussion.


What level of qualification is she studying for?



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Thanks thats great advice, I find it difficult to explain something without doing it for her which isn't what i want to do if you know what i mean.

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