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Hello,I'm just after some advice on the Foundation degree.I am now 27 and wanting to commence it in September.I worked in a nursery preschool for one year and have been doing agency work since August so come September i will have had 2 years experience working with Children on my own initiative.However I am currenly working via an agency .I do supply work although I have been on the current nursey for 8 weeks.I have heard you have to get a sheet signed if you do the Foundation degree however as I am not in a setting more than a coupleof months who would i get to sign this -my agency.

anyway any adviceon the Foundation degree ie how much work is involved units etc thanks for your help greatly appreciated!!! :o

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I think Foundation Degrees vary depending on which institution you study with Maria. Some will require learners to have a set amount of experience post qualifying. For our degree it was a requirement to work at least half time in an early years setting but I was never asked to get a sheet signed to confirm that I was actually doing it.


A lot of our assignments were work based, and involved carrying out projects within the workplace (for example, making a poster to display in the nursery, gathering feedback about it and then presenting our findings to our colleagues back at college). You might struggle to do this kind of thing whilst on supply, but that would be for you to discuss with your employers, I guess.


My advice would be to talk to your college about what the requirements of the course are, so that you can see if it is a viable proposition for you whilst you're working on supply.


As to the work, yes it is hard work and yes it does take over your life. But it is worth it!



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As M says depends on the college - i think it may be worth thinking about finding a job in a setting if you are thinking of doing the FD - as for workload its hard but very worthwhile - so i would say go for it! :o

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My foundation degree is a sector endorsed degree and I have to be working with children to do it.


As previous threads have said I believe the criteria is different depending on where you study/ who with etc.


As Happy Maz said though many of the modules are work based.... longitudanal studies, observations, activities and your current work situation might not lend itself well to these.


I am sure there are courses where you only go to college and they sort out work placements for you......


I expect it is time for some background work now to find the best solution for your personal needs.


Good luck!! x

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