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Hi Maz


Hopefully you will see this!


I have had a 30 day trial with instant nursery manager, as previously mentioned they have stopped the trial version and you now have to pay full price!!


As you have been using it for a while will you upgrade to the full version when you reach 50 children? And also do you use it for accounts? As a new setting I really don't want to throw away £500 but at the same time as I am included in room ratios etc any admin help is a god send!!


I know there are other systmes out there, but I have found this one quite user friendly!!





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Hi Kristina


I find it quite user friendly too but recently I have to say I've been having trouble with it (something to do with paid balances still showing as outstanding when the next invoice is raised) but really I put that down to the fact that I don't use it very much. I use QuickBooks for my accounts, but if I were to upgrade to the full version I would obviously not need both. I have only 18 families on roll (eight of whom will leave in the next two terms). So it is very unlikely that I will upgrade to the full version.


It does do pretty much everything you'd need, so I think if I had enough children and could afford it then I think I would upgrade and learn how to use it properly!



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We have the software and have upgraded to the full version, we find it really useful and time saving, just remember to save everything to disc or memory stick.


My only criticism is that it counts the children, and states the ratio required, but doesnt say the equivalents, so we could have 20 children in the setting but have the equivalent of 26 because of two year olds, I have had to get used to trusting the software to work out the ratios according to the equivalents rather than actual children in on particular days, but I am getting used to doing that now, doesnt stop me counting each day though just to check our ratio's are maintained and the software was correct lol


Claire x

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