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Being new to this planning lark in the Foundation Stage (nursery) and having looked at all your wonderful lanning, please could these simple and sorry if they seem naff, questions.


Alot of the ELGs that are planned for have been given numbers. Where do these numbers come from?


And I have read Scales being referred to. What are they and how do you know????



Am only asking as I need to impress and look like I nkow what I'm talking about on Monday.


Last one. When planning and you find that some activities encompass 3 or 4 different areas of learning , how do you put this down on paper without being too repetative????



Many thnks



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hi there, Kate!


1) - the numbers have probably been allocated by the practitioners, to save having to write the things out several zillion times, 2) - can't help you there, we don't use Scales, believe they are part of FSP(?) and we are a Day Nursery, 3) - Most activities cover more than one area. It's just easier if you concentrate on one, acknowledging cross-curricular 'extras' in your evaluation. Again, to save on writing and rewriting, use a simple reference system - whatever works for you.


Any help??


Sue :D

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Hi Kate,

Foundation stage planning for Nursery? Need to know on Monday?

Have I missed something? Whats happening with you?!


BUT back to business:

The numbers are allocated by practitioners to save writing ELG in its entirety, umless someone is doing something different that I dont know about I numbered the goals from the Curriculum folder in the order in which they appeared for each of the 6 areas of learning.

Thus K&U 7: would be Knowledge & Understanding, Goal 7 which is actually the ICT goal re using ICT in their own learning etc etc.


If I am using this shorthand in my planning then I would have a sheet with the goals written out and the numbers easily accessible too.

I have also seen the goals referenced by page number, again in the curriculum document.


Scales: as Sue says these refer to the Foundation Stage Profile. There are 13 different scales each with 9 points which sometimes are direct links to ELGs , sometimes not. There are 3 scales for PSE, 4 for CLL, 3 for Maths and 1 each for physical, creative & K&U.


Both the Curriculum Guidance and the Profile Handbook can be found at www.qca.org.uk.


As for the planning, if you start with the learning objective rather than the activity you dont tend to get that problem! In observing you may however notice the cross curricular connection and you would not ignore it, although you would evaluate against your learning intention or objective. At other times it may be that you want the activity can be cross curricular and you would be able to indicate this in your planning.


Good luck.

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