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Help Needed With Module Work!


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Have previously posted and had no answers, not sure if the title put folks off so am starting it again...........


I know you guys won't ignore a cry for help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can someone please help???!!!


I am at the beginning of the second year of my degree and I am supposedly doing a summative evaluation of the first year of the course: a performance self appraisal.


My problem is that SMART targets or a SWOT have been suggested as starting points.


I have listed my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and still feel no happier about coming up with a SMART target or 4 (!!) which will then lead to specific targets for action within a specified time frame.


Once I get this far theres an essay to write!!!!!!!


So I chose one target :

I have little time for sitting with my set texts and reading/ making notes when at home.

To address this I am now not heading home in my lunch times at work but using this "found" time to look at books, make notes etc. It has been done so it was achievable and measurable but now I have NO IDEA of anything else to make a SMART target about.


Any suggestions/ thoughts gratefully received...................


I feel I am not looking at this as simply as I could be!!!!!!!!!!


Have got the Cottrell study book and some others but I could do with an example to look at even if the content isn't anything to do with me and my study skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HELP!!!!!!! This is making me stressy!!!!!!!!!!!

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I understand your frustration. Writing SWOT ananyses are supposed to be helpful, and yet we often seem to be asked to do them as an exercise in themselves, to make tutors and assessors lives easier, rather than them being used in the way they are really intended.


I think you have 2 choices. Either stick with what you have already if you genuinely believe this to be the only point you can raise

Alternatively "play the game" and remove yourself slightly from the equation, and write some more general points that could but don't necessarily apply to you. I haven't had to do this for FD but had a similar exercise for EYPS and felt that in the end I had to play the game, just to get the exercise done.


Sorry if a bit negative,but I am sure some swot analysis lovers will be along soon to knock me down and provide some more helpful comments. Indeed, Maybe my comments will have incensed them so much, that they are typing right now!!!!

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Could you do a SWOT analysis which concentrates on each area where you would like to focus the action plan? I.e one for study skills with the outcome you've already identified. Then do a different one on your skills as a practitioner or maybe as a manager. These might give you some different targets for action.


I don't know if I'm thinking on the right lines here so feel free to ignore me if it makes no sense!

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