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Hey, this is my first post so I apologise now if I mess up!!


I have to put together a display of my Unit's daily routine and show how it links to eyfs; I've seen one that was in a kind of spider diagram format using text explaining what each part was (e.g. sleep time, snack time, arrival of children), how it linked to eyfs/benefitted the children and with a photo of the activity next to it.


I kind of just need any advice about whether you guys think this is a good way of doing it or have any suggestions of a better way to do it


Would really appreciate it if someone could link me to a photo of one they have done to help me out


Thank you kindly xx

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Welcome to the Forum, gymjams. Congratulations on making your first post - the first of many, I hope. Don't worry about messing up - there's always someone to help out as necessary!


Your idea sounds great to me - it sounds a bit like something we had to do for our Foundation Degree (although this was pre-EYFS). Can't help with a photo though, I'm afraid!


It would be good for showing parents what their children are learning during each part of the routine too. Are you going to link it to the four principles?



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That's what I thought of doing but my manager wants me to put each activity into one of the four principles and show how it links to it (e.g. Nappy change is 1.3 and 1.4)

But then I said how some activities won't 'fit' into just one principle

So she suggested that I show how all the activities link to each principle - have the principle in the middle and the activities around the outside

But then it isn't showing the Unit's routine, which is what she wants...so I'm a bit stuck to be honest

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Hi gymjams,

I understand what you mean about one activity/experience not fitting into just one principle. Would it be too cumbersome to place the activity/experience in more than one principle? Do you end up with it all being duplicated or is it just affecting one or two activities? Let us know how you are getting on :o

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