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Witches/haloween Topic Ideas....help!


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Hello Everyone,


Right well I need ideas to add to my 'Witch' theme for the up and coming week to link vaguely with Halloween.


Ideas so far:

-Reading books linked to witches

- Witches den role play- any ideas for what to put inside?

-Printing with creepy crawlies

-Small world with insects and sticks and leaves

-Making jelly with the chidlren and adding more creepy crawlies (then to use for messy play)


All ideas greatly appreciated!



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Ask the children what Halloween means to them. :o, then follow their lead as well as adult initiated ideas.

Lots of CLL, rhymes, playing with 'scary' words, identifying feelings/emotions, what makes you scared.

The origins of Halloween.




Try a forum search too. xD




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look on sites like yellow moon and baker ross - they generally have themed stuff you can buy - or just get ideas from!


I remember a halloween party where we were blindfolded and given things to feel like 'Nelson's eye' ( a peeled hard boiled egg) and all kinds of yukky stuff - mind you - we don't want to give them nightmares!!

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