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I have a member of staff who has a personal hygiene problem :o


After many comments from parents and staff the manager took her to one side and sensitively informed her that she had a body odour problem. The member of staff in question walks a fair distance to work so it was suggested she may like to store fresh clothes at nursery to change into. Although a little upset the member of staff was glad she had been informed.


Now... this was before Christmas and the member of staff still smells as bad, the manager approached her today to find out how come it hadn't got better and the member of staff was quite upset as she says she washes herself and her clothes and brushes her teeth more often now.


My problem is this.... it appears that, even now, her level of cleanliness is much lower than most peoples expectations, but how can i tell her this. I feel, as the nursery director, i must now step in as the smell is quite offensive.


Any suggestions of how to solve the problem but to remain sensitive??

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I was just wondering - I know BO can be fairly clear in it's cause, but is there maybe something underlying here? I worked somewhere once where there was a member of staff who ended up having a medical problem ?


Sue :D

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Thanks for your replies :D


The member of staff in question visited the docs today.. who said there was no underlying medical problem :(


So in her words basically 'its tough' and its 'my problem' if i think she smells :o


Is she breaching the personal appearance policy by coming to work smelly and having unbrushed teeth?? This is absolutely not the route i would like to take but maybe taking disciplinary action will make her realise how important this issue is


Love my job too Hali xD


(Just like to add, how must the parents feel having someone caring for their children when she doesn't have the first clue about caring for herself)

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yesturday...been winging to hubby for months thats lots of gifs i download wont upload on here..... oh dear was all i got.... now hubby wants to uploads loads for his new website magically its sorted!!!!!!!!!! xD:(:(:( and i can upload them :o

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