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Hi all,


I am doing an assignment about makaton for my foundation degree, I have found plenty reference to the pros but cannot find any arguments against the use of Makaton in pre-schools. Is anyone able to help? Any other interesting info would also be greatful.




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Have you tried GOOGLE SCHOLAR - search engine?


search Makaton arguement against use, I just did this and came up with a good few references . . .



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Having used Makaton widely for a number of years and in different situations, I can only think of one possible argument against using it. That one is just that there are not standard signs for everything, so you have to invent some signs. Therefore when a child moves from one setting to another they could have to learn new signs for a word. We have tried to overcome this by linking closely with our main feeder school (though we do feed about 7 each year) and tried to both use the same signs. I don't think it is a major issue though.

I also think (sorry SueJ) that it does suit lots of learning styles as they have the spoken word, the action and you can use the symbols too. We tend to exagerate some of the signs and turn them into larger actions too as we feel this helps the more active children. I suppose there is a pro and a con there!

Good luck with your assignment



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Its a very interesting question re both Makaton and BSL. I sign because I worked for many years in a school with deaf children and I could never actually find an 'against' view. (not that I ever really looked for one). Perhaps for this one you might go back to historical information which may describe how deaf children were in schools where they were made to sit on their hands and maybe in that reading you will find more about why people at that time may have been against the idea.


The fact that you are finding it difficult to find current research 'against' actually shows just how far we have traveled as a society and in itself is worthy of note in your research?

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Thanks for that Mundia


Will have a look back as you suggest - will also be mentioning that BSL was only recognised as an official British language by UK government in 2003 but still doesn't have legal protection.


Even though there has been some societal progress and acceptance it is not perhaps enough.

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