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Hi all !

I've been set some research which is to find two theorist in support of an opinion that I have and one against, it also must have a clear link to the EYFS.


I can find many theorists to support my opinion but finding it hard to find opposing theorists. My opinion was the importance of outdoor play, so I'm thinking I will have to find another opinion/topic. But even doing that I keep coming up with the same problem.


I did think about the importance of nature/nurture, but not wanting to sound like a complete idiot, I'm not sure how this would link into the EYFS.


Is there anyone out there that can point me in the right direction ?


I seem to be unable to string my thoughts together at the moment, I think my brain has been overloaded with information from my Foundation degree course, maths course and all the reading I've been doing !


Just out of interest how many books are people reading a week in connection with any studying they are doing ? I'm dipping in and out of half a dozen at the moment and not sure if I should just concentrate on one !



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I was thinking of the Montessori debate too, but SuzieC8 got there first! I also wondered if there were any materials on the EYFS CD-Rom that might point you in the right direction? I know the research they quote is going to be supportive of outdoor play, but I wondered if there might be some clues there about perceived negatives that need to be overcome in order to get settings going outside every day? A long shot, but you never know!


As far as the books are concerned, I found that when researching an article I had a table full of opened books that I was half-reading, skim-reading and trawling through for quotes! So your approach sounds about right to me!


Also, have you used google books? Its great for searching for quotes, and you can read the book itself (or portions of it anyway) online so that you can quote it correctly, and get the right information for your harvard referencing.


Good luck!



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If you can sustain the dipping in and out of half a dozen I would keep doing it that way. You'll find lots of books with small sections which are relevant to your current module. There's little point in reading the bits which aren't relevant. IF you're anything like me you'll struggle to remember the relevant bits without adding anything extra!


I would use some post-its to mark those sections which are good so you can go back to them easily. The other thing I learned the hard way is start making your reference list now so that you can just cut and paste when you've written each assignment.


You've probably done all these things anyway but just in case...

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Thank you, thank you !


Some really useful advice !

I didn't know that google had books thanks for that bit of information Maz.I shall have a look when I get time !


Good idea about the reference list, I shall put that on my 'things to do' list, which seems to be getting longer by the minute !


Its great to have someone to share your despair with and then get reassurance that you are on the right track. I'm now trying to get myself organised by having a time management sheet and a weekly 'to do' list, not sure it will work but its worth a try !



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