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im doing a bit of research and would like to know......


for those of you that work in full day care - would you mind explaining to me what you see as your challenges with working within the EYFS framework (before it gets changed!!!!!!) with the 0-3s?


thank you


ali x

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so from the huge responce i have had - you are all happy with EYFS :o - no problems! - wow thats great! ........ :( better tell conservatives not to remove then :(xD


Don't know if it will help you at all but as a childminder who provides full day care I have a huge issue with the amount of paperwork needed for the EYFS. I know that the official line is that we don't need to do masses of it but even with observations, daily diaries and planning for each child the time spent on it is ludicrous.As I already work at least a 10 hour day directly with children, its difficult to fit it all in.


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From what I've seen of the EYFS in DN's, I've noticed a lack of understanding by management mostly. Baby rooms are still expected to have a theme that matches the rest of the nursery, they plan what they are going to do throughout the week based on whats expected of them or at one nursery I know based on time slots for messy room, sensory room and outside. One place I know took the babies (7 months to 14 months in to paint pictures of their moms and dads).

A lack of understanding or will, to follow the childrens interests, probably because it takes a careful eye to see a baby is interested in one rattle over another or one book over another. A lot of settings I've been in havent really changed since EYFS, just stuck different posters up.

Routines for nappies, snacks, feeds interupt play too. I know we shouldnt have set routines as such but in one setting, because they try to do everything as each individual child needs it, it means staff are constantly doing nappies etc rather than playing.

Isnt iot terrible that I cant say I've seen anything on the plus side?

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