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hi, a really simple idea is when they are choosing who lines up for assembly or things i say only children in blah blah group or only chilodren with grey socks etc, you prob do this without realising but it does help them practise listening x

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Hi there -

Sound version of Kim's game - keep it simple

Simon says

Good old sensory walk but for sounds

stories/songs which have sound effects or vary pitch and volume(Bear Hunt, Dark, dark etc)

Sound/picture lotto game - esp if you have Coomba so group can play

Making sounds of different volume pitch etc with body ,instruments,junk etc

Respond to music of different kinds thro movement

Sure there are lots more and was thinking with F1 head on more than F2 !

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I use a book 'Helping Young Children to Listen' by Ros Bayley and Lynn Broadbent (ISBN: 1-903670-04-7).


It uses a toy leopard called Lola as a focus for the activities. It has really engaged my new children during the early settling in period, and I will continue to use it all year as I did last year.


The book outlines lots of listening activities that we have used in whole class, key person group times and in small groups. The children I had last year always loved 'Who is it?', a game where one person sits with their back to the others and Lola chooses someone to say hello to that child, who then has to guess who they could hear. For those children who found it harder because they couldn't remember names, they came and pointed out the person who spoke.


There are lots of other great games, well worth a look.

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