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Can anyone tell me the definitions of the types of provision?


Can't get to my Ofsted Registration Certificate at the moment to check if it's on there but is a pre school run by a voluntary committee classed as voluntary or independent? Does anyone know of any definitions on the web?



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I don't think your registration certificate will specify what kind of group you are, but which register(s) you're on - so your group would be something like 'group childcare on non-domestic premises' (or whatever the terminology is). Mind you, my certificate still says 'full day care' so what do I know?


If your group is a committee group, then you're voluntary. I think independent has a distinct meaning, as in independent (ie not State-run) schools.


However, I stand to be corrected by someone who has more knowledge than I!



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I am not sure at all!! but I thought the PVI sector was:


Private - preschool/nursery/playgroup settings that do not have committees and are not state maintained


Voluntary - settings where there is a committee ie run by volunteers


Independent- as in 'independent schools' which just to add to the confusion are often referred to as private schools.


I currently work in a preschool that is privately owned and managed but used to work in the nursery of an independent school


Sorry not making much sense tonight!!

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