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Your general rules for keeping children safe in the setting i.e. how to use equipment, hot taps, etc. Safeguarding children, what they should do if they are accused of a safeguarding issue. Conduct re confidentiality, use of mo

biles, photography, appraisal process, setting's ethos - brain's hurting now!!

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Here's the contents page from ours.






Daily routine

• Forming letters sheets

Record keeping

• health and information

• Observation record

• Funding claim


Links with parents

• Short Brochure

• Parent Pack

• Funding registration

• Profile book letter


Policies and procedures

Equal opportunities and inclusion

• Education

• Admissions

• Special educational needs


Health and safety

• Accident or incident

• Toileting

• Administration of drugs / medication

• Emergency evacuation

• Going outside


Child protection

• Supervision of volunteers

• Delivery and collection of children

• Child not collected

• Missing child

Parents as partners

• Settling in

• Complaints

• Behaviour

• Resolving conflict

• Reward system



• Registration requirements

• Visitors to setting

• Insurance

• Marketing and advertising

• Staffing, job description, additional roles supply cover, training

• Staff absence

• environment

• Student placement

• Inspection

• Milk orders

• Risk assessment

• Secretarial


Heath and safety law


Working list of toys and activities

Floor plan

Dough recipe



• Special for a week

• continuous provision



• Routine

• Brochure

• Registration

• Offering priority place




The Bristol Standard

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I'm inventing a staff handbook for my setting and wondered what to put in it. Would any of you be so kind to throw some ideas into the pot?






Hi I work in a school nursery and we have a staff handbook. Hope this will help we are still adding to it


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If you can spare about £20 you can save a lot of time getting the PLA Employee Handbook. Like the policies it is editable so you can make it your own. That is what I've done this summer and just added in some daily routines and told staff it is to be read alongside all the policies (some of which are abbreviated in the handbook). It saved me so much time and stress - now I just have to find enough paper to print it all on.

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