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Hi Everyone

There is a possibility that I may be re locating to the Midlands at Easter. The "other half" has got interviews around the Birmingham area. Dont know the area at all so can anyone advise me who to contact?

Thank You

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:D Thanks Rea for your reply.


Looking for areas to live - not forgetting nice pubs!!

Redditch looks nice and the areas towards Birmingham.

Had a look at the web sites and going to contact SureSTart


Greatful for any more ideas for Nursery or schools

Thank you

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The parts of Redditch I know are good, my parents and brother live there, shoppings good too, I know my ex sister in law goes to the pubs and clubs but I dont know what they're like. Wythall, Hollywood, Alvechurch, parts of Kings Heath, Shirley, parts of Hall Green, actually parts of all of them, good and bad everywhere isnt there?

Have you tried the childcare link site for nurseries in the areas? I'll put a link here for you, good luck nearly neighbour :D If you need postcodes try these B14 - Kings Heath areas, B90 - Solihull areas, B98 - Redditch areas

childcare link

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hi Sandybabe from another Brummie, I have lived (and worked ) all over Birmingham. You mentioned Redditch, I dont live far from there and like everywhere else on the planet there are nice and not-sonice bits. Redditch is one of those places that produces a calendar every year called 'Roundabouts of Redditch'. Hmmm, more worrying is that people actually buy it!!


When you asked about nurseries and school, did you mean in tems of work for yourslef or schools for your children? To be honest the best thing to do is if your 'other half' gets a job here, then come and take a look around and rent somewhere whilst you get to know the city. Ill leave the pubs and night life to Rea, Im far too old for such things!!


By the way Rea, your links didnt work for me?

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:D Tghanks for your replies.

The links worked 2nd time!

Nursery and school for me to work in as my kids are teachers!

so yes im old and grey myself but very young at heart!! lol

thanks for all your advice

Ive looked at Shirley and went to visit a very nice shopping centre at Solihull!!

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