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Hi all,


I just love this forum - full of so much advice, ideas and suggestions :oxD


So here's a question to ponder and offer your views on please - if you don't mind.


We are in a FSU and we (the pre-school) have quite a large outdoor area. There are a variety of set things outside for the 6 areas around the area and we have a fairly open door policy throughout the day. My problem is that not all the staff are keen to go outside, especially if the weather isn't too warm! and it always takes some persuassion.. but once outside the children tend to just go off and use the bikes, water tray, physical stuff and fantasy play. sometimes a bit chaotic and not much structure or adult-led activiites.


There are a couple of issues:-


I'm fed up with organising planning for outside then find none of the children want to go out, or they do go out but the adults don't implement it because the children are all busying themselves :(

Would it be reasonable to have a learning focus each day, so maybe monday is PSRN, tuesday CD, wednesday CLL, etc. and plan some really exciting activities which could be carried out in addition to the general provision.


Hopethis makes sense and would really appreciate any reactions this this, comments, or advice!



Thank you in advance.

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This is what I have started to do. I either have an adult play supporting outside and following the childrens interests - I don't write an extra plan for this, it is covered in my continuous provision. OR i have an adult led activity outside with a specific focus PSRN, CLLD etc.

This works well for us and also controls the 'unconstructive running about' that can happen outside.

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