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Hi, I know there have been a few posts on this topic already but it all seems very confusing! and everyone seems to offer something different.


We are a preschool currently offering 9.00 - 11.45

11.45 - 1pm (lunch

1 - 3


where some children do all day

some do morning and lunch

some do lunch and afternoon

and some do just 1-3

Funded children have to attend lunch and pm to meet current 2.5hours


My problem isn't really with the funding because the NEG is currently more per hour than we charge ....


Does anyone know whether there are limits on what can be offered?


ie. if we offer 9-12 am that's obviously 3 hours

then 12-3 is another 3 hours.

Lunch would be included in this but wouldn't be charged extra (as we don't now...)


and advice would be gratfully received!


Thanks in advance :o

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you would need to ask your LEA as they al seem to have differing rules...


in this case I know the setting I left is now offering 2 sessions a day asyyou have stated, with children brining packed lunch to eat if they wish. this is ok in our area,


they were been doing the 2.5 sessions am and pm with hour for lunch which was paid for by the half hour. children can stay all day if they wish and have 5 funded session , paying at same rate as funding for additional hours if there are any available.



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