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Can you please help me I an panicking a little on wether we have enough evidence or structure for the children before they enter the foundation stage.what sort of questions do ofsted ask about this and do any of you have plans based on birth to three matters. we tend to simplify our activities,keep activities shorter and news and group time shorter etc also shorter and more visual stories using visual aids is this enough to satisfy the powers that be do you think?

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Hi Andreamay, sorry I cant help as we dont exactly plan specifically for our U3's, children start with us at 2 & half and it's just taking us ages to get round to it. There was some discussion on BTTM a while ago on the Birth to three forum but I'm not sure if it will help. I have told our DW that we will make a start with a treasure basket and that pleased her, but she didnt mention planning nor did Ofsted when they came to us Dec 2003. Hold tight I know others will be of more use to you :D

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Hi Andreamay

I don't know if they will be overly concerned with planning for under 3's just at the moment as they are only supposed to look at funded provision. So, in theory for the education inspection they should concentrate on the over 3's, although the care aspect will include all the children in the group.

Our children start with us at 2 years 9 months and we spend the first weeks settling them in and getting them used to the routine. Any activities we do are adapted for them or we do something different and our emphasis is on PSED, sharing, taking turns etc. I would tell them, if they ask, just what you have already thought of and that you are looking at birth to 3 as an area for development. After all they will not expect you to be perfect and if you can identify this as something you are hoping to develop that should go in your favour.

Good luck.


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Hi Andreamay,


It would be useful to have a little more info about your setting, but in general I would agree with others here that the funded provision is what the inspector/s will be looking at. On the other hand the care side of the inspection will want to be assured that the all children's needs are being met according to the standards.


By the way, don't panic!!!! and good luck :D

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Thanks for your help I know I am panicking unnecesarily and we will be fine.It is a combined inspection and I am able to tell them all we do for the younger ones just wondered wether I needed it written down anywhere as some settings have everything written in some policy or other! We are a pre-school and take children from 2yr 6months. I love my job but will be so pleased when we get this over with so I can continue to enjoy it!!

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