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I am so uneasy about the EYFS ......... I am sure when understood it is easy....but how do i break it down to understand it...........Can anyone help/offer advise/show examples?


I am just lost. :o

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Generally the EYFS hasn't changed much for me as a childminder.

I would start off by looking at the themes

A Unique Child - something that childminders,with our small ratios, do very well at - we get to know each child as an individual, we have to differentiate activities for a range of ages etc, etc

Positive Relationships - as we care for a small group of children we get to know parents and carers well, we have plenty of time for verbal feedback at the start and end of sessions etc, etc. A new aspect to this theme for some childminders - but not all - is working with other professionals and other settings children may attend (this also comes under the theme of enabling environments)

Enabling Enivronments - remember there is now requirement to have written observatiosn and assessments of children but this theme is about how we observe what children can do in our day to day experiences with them and plan something new from that (this can be basic or it can be written into comprehensive planning but I think what ofsted prefer to see is that we know each child well and plan experiences that meet each child's individual needs) There is also a commitment under this theme to ensure that children have access to and relevant learning experiences in their outdoor environment - so even if you don't have a garden the EYFS requires us to provide outdoor learning - on the school run, in parks, woodlands etc

Learning and Development - I was familiar with these as I was accredited to receive NEG and had begun to use the curriculum Guidance for the FS prior to EYFS coming out but I imagine that most childminders and providers were providing for all 6 areas of learning before the EYFS came out.

there are some additional things to get your head round under this theme eg. sustained shared thinking (which is basically a really good conversation with a child which demonstrates to you their thought processes and what they know and what they want to find out about)


I would read through the principles into practice cards just to get a feel for what good practice is considered to be. I bet your doing most if not all of it :o

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