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Hello, I am venturing back into the world of pre-school having finished my TA contract in July and I have noticed many people are now talking about Learning Journeys. I am not sure if this is a new thing or an old thing given a pretty new name! Apart from my brief stint at school, I have had very little to do with all things early years (apart from being with my own children!) so am trying to gen myself up again in anticipation for the year ahead.


My understanding of learning journeys, and it is probably way off, is that they are basically the observation folders we used to use for recording children's learning/experiences etc. Does that sound about right? I'm thinking not hence why I've come to ask you all.


Can someone please explain learning journeys to me if indeed I am way off the mark? I am confusing myself reading all different things on the www (easily done, but I shall continue to blame baby brain until such times as I am officially back at work :o )

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good morning Clare


the learning Journeys are the development folders given a nice new name to reflect the change in the way the information is presented in them ie reather than a tick list of goals and achievements the learning journey showns more of the process observations photos and feed back from parents


I think from what I gather every setting does things slightly different so there is not prescriptive format how to do one some LA's have a toolkit to help get you started in what things need to be in the learning journeys


our LA suggests:

formative observations.photos and artwork

sumative evaluatios/reports

and regular feed back from parents.


we keep ours like an ongoing diary of obs, photos, and art work and try to ensure we record a range of development, at the end of each term we write a sumative report put one copy in the learning Journy and give one to the parents asking for feed back about their childs progress that term which we put in the learning journey as "parents voice"


this term Im just looking at linking in the "progress matters" (if you look at the FSF home page theres a link which includes an online tutorial)


the learning journey's can be time consuming but its not as tedious as previous tick lists/ development lists and the children can be fully involved with them. Ive sat and completed mine during session time sat at the mark making table with the children and they love to sit and look through what they have been doing,


any way thats what we do others might be different (I'd be interested to know if Im nissing something?)

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