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Hi everyone.


Been at it all day now...still not completely satisfied with what i have done but would any of you mind having a quick looK AT MY PLanning and any advice no matter how small will be very much appreciated. First of all gotta hope i xcan upload it onto here...fingers crossed. Basically I am the only foundation teacher running nursery and reception in September with two Nursery Nurses. 10 F2'S and 12 F1'S IN EAch session in nursery. Ive just come off the phone to my deputy whos great, and she was asking if ive got differentiation in there. Which i'm pretty sure i have.


By the way this is just the 1st weeks planning not my topic which will be australia starting the 3rd week


Fingers crossed I can upload it




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That looks good and comprehensive - I'm not surprised it took you so long! Lots of differentiation - 3 columns! It's certainly a good start and you can evaluate and change it as you do the next one.

The only thing I could suggest would be larger areas for evaluation - possibly to enable you not down specifics for individual children - but that's just my preference and you probably have that 'covered' somewhere else.


Well done for your upload too - there'll be no stopping you now!

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oh - just noticed, in your writing bit you say 'giving marks to meaning' instead of 'meaning to marks' See, I'm reading it!


three 'L's in 'tall' on SSM

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